How to buy Ethereum with FTX?

Use our FTX how-to-guide to walk you through all the steps to purchase Ethereum

If you do not have a FTX account you will need to set one up first. Don't worry, we have a how-to-guide for that too! If you have an account, continue to step 1.

Sign up

Step 1

Log into your FTX account.

Visit Exchange

Step 2

Select wallet at the top of the page

Step 3

In the balances section select Fiat

Step 4

Find the currency you will use and select Deposit

Step 5

Follow the instructions to deposit money into your account then select Confirm Deposit.

You will receive an email when the funds have been deposited

Step 6

In your wallet, in the row of the currency you have deposited select convert

Step 7

Select the currency you have deposited, then select Ethereum from the list.

Now enter how much you want to spend, then check the preview of your purchase.

If you are happy to proceed select Convert