About us

Crypto Coach was created when five friends living across England, Canada and Ireland with a long standing passion for crypto realised we’d explained the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to friends, family and strangers so often, it’d make sense to share our knowledge and passion with the rest of the world. We built Crypto Coach as a knowledge platform to demystify the often daunting world of cryptocurrency and help people understand the investments and technology we’re all so enthusiastic about. 

We’ve created a quick journey through the crypto space to explain what cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is, using real world examples where possible along with highlighting some of the leading cryptocurrencies, how you can buy them and the best ways to keep your investment secure. As the exciting world of crypto continues to grow, we’re constantly working to give you maximum insight without all of the technological jargon that can be difficult to digest when you’re just getting started with crypto!

We are always open to collaborating so please reach out!

Now, let’s meet the team!

Coach Mason

I first learnt about the potential cryptocurrencies have to create greater equality throughout the world in around 2014 which started my journey learning and investing in the technology I’m confident will change the world for the better.

I’ve been asked countless times about crypto over the years by colleagues, friends and family and so the idea to share the information our Crypto coaches collectively amassed seemed a natural progression to all of us.

When I’m not designing websites or reading about crypto I really love to find peace through a combination of skateboarding, ice hockey and yoga.

Coach Dani

My first crypto investment was back when I was a student. Using my tip money, I embarked on my crypto journey and I haven't looked back.

When I'm not working on Crypto Coach, I enjoy running, skiing and am currently (very slowly) learning to skateboard. Additionally, when I have to pretend to be professional, I am a Clinical Embryologist working in different labs around the country, helping those on their IVF journey.

However above all, I love art whether that be painting, drawing or graphic design. Working on Crypto Coach has allowed me to get creative. Illustrating the site to help people visualise the ins and outs of cryptocurrency.

Coach Robbie

I’ve always had an incredible passion for travel and so far have visited and lived in 30+ countries since I left England when I was 22.

I was introduced to cryptocurrency in 2017 and it has completely changed my life, providing me the opportunity to continue to travel and live the ‘laptop lifestyle’ I’d always dreamt of. My passion for cryptocurrencies and the freedom they’ve provided me keeps me completely engaged with the crypto space. I’m always on the lookout for the ‘next big thing’ in cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

When I’m not reading about or working with crypto, I love to hit the gym and ski.

Coach Phil

My name is Phil Collins, and no I’m not the drummer from Genesis!

Now we’ve got that out the way, I'm a software developer by day and love to cook for friends and family in the evening. I worked as a chef for around 10 years, which allowed me to follow my passion for snowboarding into the Alps while continuing to cook. I’m also pretty handy at juggling!

I found out about cryptocurrencies in 2016 and I've been hooked ever since. My passion for technology meant I actually ended up building a crypto ‘mining rig’ because I wanted to figure it all out and after building the rigs the next logical step for me was learning how to code.

I’m really looking forward to continuing to be involved in the development of cryptocurrencies and how they are going to revolutionise the world.