How to buy Litecoin with Coinbase Pro?

Use our Coinbase Pro how-to-guide to walk you through all the steps to purchase Litecoin

If you do not have a Coinbase Pro account you will need to set one up first. Don't worry, we have a how-to-guide for that too! If you have an account, continue to step 1.

Sign up

Step 1

Log into your Coinbase Pro account.

Visit Exchange

Step 2

Select deposit on the left-hand side.

Step 3

Choose the currency you want to deposit.

Step 4

Choose your deposit method then deposit your funds.

Step 5

On the left-hand side, select the drop-down menu that says, Select Market. Then select the currency you have deposited and LTC.

Step 6

To buy Litecoin at the current market price select Market. In the amount box select how much you want to spend and place the order.

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