How to sign up to Uphold?

Use our Uphold how-to-guide to walk you through the steps to create an account, get verified to purchase cryptocurrency and set up two-factor authentication to keep your account secure

Estimated sign up time:

5 minutes

Verification time:

Usually under 24 hours

What do you need?
email address
Email account
Phone number
1 piece of ID
Social Security Number

US Citizens

Authentication App

Recommended to keep your account secure

Step 1

Click on the link below to access the exchange.

Select Sign Up in the top right hand-corner.

Visit Exchange

Step 2

Fill in your information and hit Next.

Step 3

Fill in your personal information.

You will then receive an email. Click the link in the email.

Step 4

Read the privacy terms and select Ok, got it.

Step 5

Welcome! Hit the green button to get your account.

Step 6

To unlock the full potential with your Uphold account select Verify your Identity.

Step 7

To verify your identity you have two options: Scan the QR code and complete verification on your mobile or continue with your computer.

You can decide which you prefer.

For the purpose of this guide we will continue with verification on the computer.

Select Continue with Webcam.

Step 8

Select Continue with current device.

Step 9

Allow Uphold access to your camera and take a picture of your identity.

Step 10

Selfie time!

Step 11

Uphold will email you once verification is complete.

Select Continue.

Step 12

To ensure your funds are safe it is important to add two-factor authentication (2fa).

What is 2fa?

On the left hand-side of the screen select the three dots inside a circle then select Security.

Step 13

Select Enable 2-step verification with the blue background.

Step 14

Select Enable.

Step 15

Scan the QR code with your favoured 2fa app and save the provided key somewhere safe.

Select Continue.

Step 16

Type in your 6 digit code provided in your 2fa app and select verify.

Your account is now secure!

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