Where to buy Bitcoin Cash?

As bitcoin gained popularity, the network started being flooded with more and more transactions. This network congestion resulted in some delays to transactions and high transaction fees to send or receive Bitcoin. The Bitcoin community couldn’t come to a solid consensus to combat the issue and as a result, Bitcoin underwent a hard fork, and Bitcoin Cash was formed.

You do not need to purchase a whole Bitcoin Cash. You can buy fractions of a Bitcoin Cash making it accessible to everyone.

Below we have provided some trusted exchanges that you can use to purchase Bitcoin Cash with fiat currency using Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer, along with some other options .This makes it very easy to purchase Bitcoin Cash, whilst it’s also just as easy to sell if you decide to do so!

Before choosing your exchange you need to take a few things into consideration such as:

  • Is the exchange available in my country?
  • Can I use my payment method of choice?
  • What are the exchanges fees?

If you select one of the exchanges below we have provided some information to help you find the best exchange for you. If you haven’t already signed up to an exchange, we have a sign up guide to help you get set up before using our guide on buying Bitcoin Cash on your chosen exchange.

Where to buy Bitcoin Cash?

If you want to purchase Bitcoin Cash it’s important to choose an Exchange that suits your needs.

All Exchanges below have been tried and tested by Cryptocoach.

Bitcoin Cash is a blockchain-based, peer-to-peer electronic cash transfer platform, formed after a hard fork within the Bitcoin protocol. The Bitcoin Cash platform created BCH, as it’s native cryptocurrency.

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