How to sign up to Kraken

Use our Kraken how-to-guide to walk you through the steps to create an account, get verified to purchase cryptocurrency and set up two-factor authentication to keep your account secure

Estimated sign up time:

5 minutes

Verification time:

Usually under 5 minutes

What do you need?
email address
Email account
Phone number
Picture of ID
Social Security Number

US Citizens

Authentication App

Recommended to keep your account secure

Step 1

Select the link below to access the exchange.

Select Create Account in the top right corner.

Visit Exchange

Step 2

Enter your email, username and password. Make sure the password is a strong one!

Select your country of residence and let Kraken know you are not a robot.

Select Create Account.

Step 3

You will receive an email from Kraken with an activation code.

Enter the code and select Activate Account.

Step 4

Select Verify Your Account for Crypto.

Step 5

To purchase cryptocurrency with Kraken you will need intermediate verification.

Select Verify under Intermediate.

Step 6

Enter your personal information and telephone number.

Select Next.

Step 7

Select which document you will upload for identification.

Upload a picture of your identity.

Step 8

If the image is accepted select Continue.

If the image is not good enough quality, you may be asked to upload another image.

Kraken will email you when the verification process if completed.

Step 9

Now it is time to make your account secure by setting up two-factor authentication (2fa).

What is 2fa?

Select Secure Your Account.

Step 10

Under Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) select Activate now.

Step 11

Scan the QR code with your authentication app.

Enter the code provided.

Select Confirm.

Step 12

Set the settings for 2fa. Only Withdrawing & Transferring funds is recommended but that is up to you.

Select Confirm.

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