How to sign up to Coinbase?

Use our Coinbase how-to-guide to walk you through the steps to create an account, get verified to purchase cryptocurrency and set up two-factor authentication to keep your account secure

Estimated sign up time:

5 minutes

Verification time:

Usually under 5 minutes

What do you need?
email address
Email account
Phone number
1 piece of ID
Social Security Number

US Citizens

Authentication App

Recommended to keep your account secure

Step 1

Click on the link below to access the exchange.

Select Get Started in the top-right hand corner

Visit Exchange

Step 2

Enter the your information and your password. Ensure it is a strong one!

Tick the box to agree withe their policy.

Select Create Account.

Step 3

Click on the link emailed to you from Coinbase.

Step 4

You will need to add your telephone number for security.

Select your country and enter your telephone number.

Select Send Code.

Step 5

Enter the 7 digit code that was sent to your telephone number.

Step 6

To be able to purchase cryptocurrency you will need to add a bank card.

Select Set up bank card.

Step 7

Enter your card information.

Select Add Card.

Step 8

To continue verifying your account select Skip for now.

Step 9

This is the Coinbase dashboard.

To be able to purchase Cryptocurrency with Coinbase you will need to verify your identity.

To do this select Buy crypto.

Step 10

Select the ID that you will provide.

Step 11

If you already have an image of your ID select File Upload.

If you do not have an image select Webcam.

Step 12

If you selected File Upload add the images needed.

If you select Webcam allow Coinbase access to your webcam and take a photo.

Step 13

Selfie time!

You will need to allow Coinbase to have access to your camera to take a photo of you.

Step 14

Coinbase will now verify your ID. You will receive an email once completed.

To ensure your account is safe as possible we recommend following the next steps to add two-step authentication (2fa) to your account to make your account as safe as possible!

What is 2fa?

Select the X to close the verification window and to go back to the dashboard.

Step 15

In the top left hand corner select your name then in the drop-down select Settings.

Step 16

Select Security.

Step 17

Under 2 step-verification select Authenticator.

Step 18

You will receive a text message to your telephone number, enter it.

Step 19

With your authenticator app scan the QR code.

Step 20

Your account is now secured!

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